I love a good Dad Hack

I love a good dad-hack. Hacks that you discover that make your life so much easier. A great hack are those USB outlets that you install in your house so you can charge your phone with just your charging cable. Another hack is putting cotton balls with a borax and sugar mixture in your window sills to kill ants. One dad hack that I recently saw on Pinterest was using a mason jar ring to cook eggs on the stove.

The hack is you take a simple mason jar ring and make an egg in it. Take a look at the picture below.

I started off with spraying the pan with cooking spray and letting the pan get warm. Don’t forget to spray the inside of the ring with cooking spray to help get the egg off.

I cracked the egg and added it into the ring and started cooking. The one thing that I won’t do again is scramble the egg first. The first egg I attempted I didn’t beat, I put it straight in there and it didn’t leak out. Scrambled eggs leaked out the top and ran into the pan making a big mess.

With a spatula I carefully flipped the egg over to cook on both sides. I took a spoon and rolled it around the inside of the ring to loosen the egg from the ring. I plated it and was done. Easy hacks make life a lot easier. Life can be a bit easier with hacks like these.

What types of dad hacks do you use? I’d love to know, mainly to help both of our lives a bit easier.

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