Day one of our Disney Vacation

A couple of months ago it happened, we found out that we would be going to Disney. The weeks leading up to the event of our summer was filled with excitement and exhaustion. I worked long hours on the weekend to get enough money for our Disney tickets which lead me exhausted but the kids more excited. The last time I went to Disney was about 17 years ago. The times sure have changed. Ethan and Owen were so excited to be going to Disney for the first time. I knew that they would have fun.

We left our house about 7:10am and made it to Orlando, FL about 3:30pm last Saturday night. We stopped a couple of times for potty breaks and once to get gas. One thing that we did to save time and money was to pack sandwiches for everyone (and I highly recommend it). Most of the cost for a trip comes from travel expenses and food. If you go out to eat all the time while you are on vacation expect to spend lots of money and eat fast food a lot.


Sunday night we didn’t do much around the Resort. My wife and her mom went grocery shopping while Ethan, my Father in Law and I checked out the workout room and pool. If you are a follower of A Dad Brews on Instagram I posted a hilarious video of Ethan walking on the treadmill with some popcorn. It was  hilarious. The resort also had a game room that we took full advantage of.

Meredith got back and we ate dinner and did nothing the rest of the night except get the kids in bed. It was a long trip down and I was exhausted (and excited).


Today we went to Animal Kingdom. It was a very overcast and rainy day which helped keep the temperatures down and some of the people away from the park. At Animal Kingdom we saw monkeys, alligators, rhinos, elephants, tigers, birds and so many more exotic animals. We started off going on some rides with the kids that they could ride. Ethan and Owen both went on their first roller coasters and seemed to enjoy it a lot. 

Having kids at any theme park is an adventure in and of itself. Their personalities come raging out about what they like and don’t like. Ethan isn’t as adventurous as Owen is. Ethan wants to weigh out the options, make an informed decision and then decide. Owen is more like I’m jumping head first and then ask questions later.  It’s an amazing thing to watch.

We visited the Dino Institute, where we helped save some dinosaur. Next we went and excavated some Dino bones and then saw all the different types of animals. After we ate a quick bite of lunch we went and saw Finding Nemo the Musical. I wasn’t sure about the show but it blew my expectations out of the water. The cast was amazing; the music was incredible and the puppets/animitronics were wonderful. This show was probably one of my favorite shows of Monday. After the show was over, we headed out on our jungle tour where we saw Kudu’s, Worthogs, Elephants, a Lion and so many more. It was incredible.

The last part of our day here was seeing the Lion King musical. Timone and Pumba and all the cast appeared and wowed us with all the songs from the movie. After the show we treated the kids to ice cream and ended our day exhausted, sweaty and a little sunburnt.

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