Magic Kingdom: Where Dreams Come True

Day one of our Disney Vacation was overcast and rainy. Honestly not a bad day to be at the park. Tuesday was very much different then Monday. I think with the heat index it was 106*. Walking around Disney with a stroller, cooler, two tired kids and four tired adults was exhausting.

Tuesday was the day that we decided to visit Magic Kingdom, where “Dreams Come True”

Magic Kingdom Day

We visited Tomorrow Land first because we had Fastpasses to ride the go-carts. Next we rode the tea cup ride because it was right there. Ethan wouldn’t ride the tea cup ride so Owen, myself and my FIL rode it. Lets just say we got our cup spinning really fast.

Next we came back to Tomorrow land and went on Buzz Lightyear’s ride where you shoot aliens. I’m sad to report that I lost and Meredith won. But thats okay. It was a fun ride. After that ride was over we went to the Monster’s Inc Comedy Show. This was a funny show and one of my jokes was used during the performance.


What do you call a singing computer? Adele

Of course the biggest things to do at Magic Kingdom is to see the parades. There seemed to be a parade all day long. We saw a bunch of characters in the morning on the parade. The second parade had Mickey Mouse and lots of other bigger named characters and floats at three pm.

After we finished the noon parade we ventured over to Adventure Land and rode the Pirates of the Caribbean ride followed up by the Tiki Singing Birds show. After we were done with this, we were basically done for the day. It was super hot, everyone was tired of walking (adults) and dealing with cranky kids. So on our way out of Frontier Land the big Mickey Parade was about to start. So we waited for about thirty minutes or so to see the big guy.

He didn’t disappoint.

Take aways about Magic Kingdom

This park is probably the most sought after place. It was super packed out with people everywhere. However, if you get your fast passes before you get there and plan it instead of just winging it you’ll be fine. This day we ran out of jelly for the adults to have a sandwich so we splurged and got food at the park. Big No No. One hamburger, fries and a drink and one chicken sandwich, fries and a drink cost us $30 (ouch).

The other thing I didn’t remember about Magic Kingdom is that is takes forever to get to the park. There’s the parking lot tram that take you to a boat/monorail/bus that then takes you to the park. With a stroller, kids and more it was laborious.

All in all this was a great day.



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