How to craft a beer for a busy holiday weekend

A friend of mine and I are planning a visit to the Orchard Beer Company in Manhattan this weekend. 

We’ll have a few beers on tap, and it’ll be an opportunity to enjoy some of New York’s most delicious beers while enjoying some time at the park. 

The brewery is located on the upper west side of Manhattan, and they have an awesome tasting room, which you can see above. 

I’m hoping that my friend will stop by, and we can try some of their delicious beers. 

To do that, we’ll need to buy a few bottles. 

Here’s how. 

You’ll need: A bottle of your favorite beer. 

A small amount of beer (I’ll be buying a 12 oz. can of Anchor IPA from the tap room). 

A few glasses of beer (I’ll need at least 8oz.

of beer for this recipe). 

Some scissors and a pen. 

Two disposable hand sanitizers. 

How to do it: Before you go, make sure that you have a bottle of the beer you’re interested in. 

There are many craft breweries in Manhattan, but this one is definitely one that you should definitely check out. 

Check out the Orchards website, and follow them on Facebook. 

And if you’re wondering if you can just order some beer online, here’s a link to the best online beer ordering service. 

Also, make a note of the location of your local tap room. 

When you’re ready, grab a can of your beer and go. 

If you’re in New York City, the best time to go to a beer store is during New Years Eve or Christmas Eve. 

For example, you can’t go to the local craft beer shop on December 31st, and you can never go to New Years eve on January 1st. 

In the meantime, I’d love to have you come to the park this weekend! 

Happy New Years! 

And that’s all for today! 

If I missed any, let me know! 

I’ll see you again soon! 

(If you have any questions or comments, feel free to leave them below! 

Thanks for stopping by!)