A beer-centric blog for those who enjoy beer before cocktails

Beer drinkers who enjoy cocktails before beer may find a new beer-focused blog to read and subscribe to on the same platform.

Beer-focused beer blog Beer Advocate recently launched with a “Beer and Cocktails for Everyone” section and is offering a subscription option.

Beer Advocate has been around for more than five years and has garnered a lot of attention for its extensive coverage of craft beer, which it defines as “a style of beer brewed to meet specific health and wellness goals.”

Beer Advocate has more than 3,000 subscribers and it has a dedicated beer blog dedicated to craft beer and cocktails.

The Beer Advocate team has written articles on topics such as beer, beer styles, beer-to-cocktail cocktails, beer and wine pairing, beer beers and cocktails, craft beer events, beer news and more.

Beer Advocate’s beer and cocktail writers have been featured on sites such as The Beer Advocate, BeerAdvocate, Beer Week, and many others.

BeerAdvocate is one of the largest beer and drink websites and the Beer Advocate Beer Blog has been a regular contributor to BeerAdvocation for many years.

BeerAdvope has a beer and whiskey blog as well.

BeerBlogger is a beer blog and beer lovers site that has had a dedicated craft beer blog since 2008.

BeerBlogger’s beer writers have included Matt Leinhart, Joe Bauza, John McEntee, and Ryan Stroud.