Why a New Jersey brewery is giving cheese sauce a go

BY DAVID COLEMANAssociated PressAUSTIN (AP) — A New Jersey brewer is giving a new twist to its favorite beverage by introducing a cheese sauce made with beer, cheese and butter.

A&C Cheese Sauce is made with butter, beer and beer cheese and is now available at a dozen craft breweries in the state.

It’s a nod to the cheese-centric foodie culture in the Midwest.

It’s also a sign that the country is beginning to embrace cheese as a foodstuff.

The cheese sauce is a riff on a classic cheese sandwich, which is traditionally served with a bun.

It was inspired by cheese sandwiches made with bread crumbs.


C Cheese is a small New Jersey-based brewery that sells beer, beer cheese sauce and other cheeses, but it’s only open to customers with a valid identification card.

The brewery is calling the sauce a Cheese and Beer Cheese Sauce.

It costs about $2.49 for a six-pack.

It comes in a small bowl with a plastic lid.