How to make root beer float without your kids

The first step is to make your own root beer.

“It’s just one big, delicious root beer and a cup of milk, and then it’s just a bit of a fun, healthy alternative to root beer,” says Hannah.

“You can make it yourself, or make a simple batch for your friends to enjoy with a bit more creativity.”

You can use a can or bottle of root beer to make a variety of recipes, and Hannah recommends a mix of the two.

“For my favourite, you just take a little bit of the root beer, add some honey, a bit extra salt and you’ve got yourself a good, light, easy-to-make root beer.”

You’ll also want to add some of the fruit from your fruit and vegetable garden, such as strawberries and peaches.

You can also add some salt to your root beer recipe to help it stand up to your kids.

You’ll need: 1.6 litres of root tea water