When you’re drunk, you’re a beer enthusiast, but you’re not just drinking to get high, says beer advocate

When you’ve just been drinking a beer, it’s a little bit like drinking a hot chocolate, says Mark Daley, a beer advocate from Melbourne who has been running the BeerAdvocate website for more than five years.

“It’s a very positive thing for a beer lover, to be able to see how a beer drinker might feel in the moment when they’re actually drunk,” he says.

Mr Daley has spent a lot of time running beer events around Melbourne, but the Beer Advocate is his first foray into running events that involve a lot more than a glass of beer.

For instance, he has been organising BeerAdvoke events in Melbourne’s CBD, which he says have gone from strength to strength.

While he hasn’t been involved in any events that involved a beer-specific event, he’s noticed an increase in interest in BeerAdvokes in recent months.

The BeerAdvote is also working on launching its own online event, the Beer Advocacy Club, which will allow BeerAdvokers to organise events in other parts of Melbourne, including the CBD.

A BeerAdvot event will start on April 17 in the CBD and Mr Daley says the club is looking to grow to a total of about 100 events, which could eventually involve as many as 1,000 people.

It’s been quite a while since I’ve seen the crowds, so I think it’s been really rewarding for me to see the enthusiasm that has come out of it.

What makes it unique, Mr Dales says, is that BeerAdvos events are free to attend.

If you are interested in joining the club, you can register for the Beer Advote website here and email [email protected]

He says he hopes to continue to grow the event over the next year, but he is also looking for volunteers.

Anyone who wants to take part in the BeerAdvisor BeerAdvocation Club can sign up for an email newsletter here.

There are two BeerAdvots events planned in Melbourne this weekend, with both happening at the Melbourne Convention Centre.

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