Madison, WI, beer cheese dips: Bad for your health, experts say

A Madison, Wisconsin, beer cheeseburger is so bad for your body that it’s been making headlines lately.

The bacon cheese dip is reportedly making people sick and killing them.

According to the Madison, Wisc.

Gazette, the burger is so badly made that people are using it as a scapegoat for the city’s problems.

The bacon cheese dips have been blamed for a number of health issues and the state’s health department says that Madison’s bacon is the worst of any Wisconsin city.

“It’s got so much bad flavor,” Dr. John Karpinski, the department’s public health officer, told the paper.

“It is not a good quality, it’s not a healthy quality, and it’s probably not good for you.”

Dr. Karpinsky added that the bacon dips have “been shown to be linked to a variety of diseases, including diabetes, heart disease, cancer, obesity, stroke, depression, high blood pressure, asthma, and a host of other conditions.”

Drink your bacon cheese and get your head examined in our beer cheese and beer dip.

(AP)Karpinski added that Madison, Wis., has “no shortage of beer” and the city is home to the country’s largest brewery, which is based in Milwaukee.

But a study published in the journal Clinical Nutrition and Metabolism found that Madison is “very much a city of beer,” and that the city has “not made a dent” in its beer consumption.

“There’s a lot of misinformation out there about the health benefits of beer and there’s a lack of quality research on the topic,” Karpinski told the newspaper.

“I would be surprised if we were going to get the bacon cheese that we’re talking about with beer in the next decade.”ABC News’ Daniel Cottin contributed to this report.