FourFour Two: Dad’s Root Beer Hot

4.5 stars based on 3 reviews ( 3 reviews total )Read ReviewsAdd to WishlistAdd to My CartDad’s Root beer is one of the most popular root beer flavors.

The recipe is simple: you add hot water to a glass and top it with a small amount of corn syrup.

There’s no need to use anything fancy.

All you need to do is combine all the ingredients together, then pour it over a cold beer.

You can use your favorite beer and enjoy the warmth of a good hot root beer.

We know you’re going to love this drink, too.

Dad’s root beer is a classic root beer drink that you can get at most grocery stores and other grocery stores.

You won’t be disappointed.

Dad’s root is a great way to get your kids to drink beer.

And it’s super easy to make!

Dad’s favorite thing about this drink is that it’s really easy to get a good beer.

All it takes is a little corn syrup and hot water and you’re ready to go!

Dad’s favorite root beer recipe is the hot root.

It’s a delicious hot root with a hint of cinnamon.

The cool part about this root beer flavor is that Dad’s is not just your go-to root beer for summer, it’s also great for winter.

We love to use Dad’s hot root in our hot cider and root beer recipes.

You can make Dad’s soda and soda pop drinks at home too.

Use a simple syrup and cold water to combine.

Put the syrup in a jug or jar, then shake it up a bit.

You want to get it to thick enough so that the syrup will float to the top.

Add soda pop syrup or soda to the jug and shake it for a couple of minutes.

Add the soda and shake again for another minute.

This soda pop is perfect for hot root beers, root beer and root beers with a little cinnamon.

You’re probably wondering, what do you do if you’re using corn syrup in your root beer?

Well, Dad’s uses corn syrup as the sweetener in some of his root beer drinks.

You’ll need a corn syrup bottle or canister to make this.

If you’re making a regular root beer with hot root, you may want to use a small jar or can for the corn syrup instead.

But, if you are using hot root for a soda pop or soda pop drink, you will want to make a larger can.

Make a funnel from a glass or ceramic mug and fill it with hot water.

Add hot root to the funnel and shake the water up a little.

This creates a nice bubble of hot syrup that will keep the syrup and soda in contact.

Dad makes a cool root beer that’s also good for hot soda pop and root soda pop.

You add a splash of hot root soda and some cold water.

After the soda pop cools down a little, add the hot soda.

Add a little hot root syrup and you have a cool, refreshing root beer hot soda and root pop drink.

You don’t need to heat up the soda or soda syrup to make it a good drink.