What is craft beer?

The craft beer industry has become a booming industry in recent years.

It’s worth a look at what craft beer is and how it differs from the mainstream.

What is craft brewing?

A craft beer may be brewed under the guidance of a small brewery or cidery or a small commercial brewery.

A craft beer brewery may not be licensed for production or distribution, nor may it sell its products to the public.

The majority of craft beer products are brewed by local independent breweries and cideries, but some small breweries also produce and sell beer.

The term ‘craft’ can also be used to describe a beer made by a craft brewer and not necessarily the craft beer brewed by a large brewery.

For example, many people would consider a beer by Sierra Nevada Brewery a ‘craft beer’.

While craft beer has grown significantly in recent times, it’s still relatively new and limited in terms of the ingredients it uses, the quality of the beer and the quality and availability of its flavour.

The beer can range from pale to gold, but the majority of beer styles are still categorized as pale ales.

The popularity of craft beers has meant that craft beer enthusiasts can find something to drink at every occasion.

There are craft breweries that specialize in a particular style of beer, such as The Alchemist or Sierra Nevada Brewing.

Craft beers are often made from a wide range of ingredients, such it hops, yeast and malt, and there is also a small amount of malt, fruit and hops used.

The ingredients may be sourced from different countries, or sourced from multiple countries.

There may be a variety of ingredients used, such chocolate, ginger and honey, or caramel malt, vanilla and caramel.

For example, a typical craft beer recipe may use around a third of malted barley, and half malted oats and half whole malt.

A large part of the malt may be from a UK-based brewery, while a small portion of the barley may come from a small US brewery.

A common misconception is that craft beers are simply more popular than their mainstream counterparts.

In fact, there is a growing trend of craft brewers entering the mainstream, with brands such as Lagunitas and New Belgium brewing more mainstream beers.

In fact, in 2016, craft beer was up 17% over 2015 and more than 50% over 2010, according to research firm Beer Marketer’s Insights.

There were more craft beer-focused beer brands entering the market, and more people drinking craft beer in general.

Craft beer has become so popular in recent months, that there are a number of brands entering and expanding their business in 2017.

The latest to hit the market is Lagunitos, which is set to open a craft beer production brewery in San Diego, California.

Lagunita is an independent brewer with a strong presence in the craft brewing scene, having released several craft beers in recent decades.

It’s a big move for a small company, but it’s one that will be welcomed by craft brewers and consumers alike.