A man who had a beer party with his family on a bridge over the River Jordan, a report in Israel claims.

A Jerusalem man who lived in the village of Grolsch and had a large party with some friends over a bridge that connects the village to the rest of the town of Jerusalem in 2015 has been arrested for allegedly drunk driving and assaulting a woman in a drunken rage, according to the Israeli news site Haaretz.

The man, who is also named in the report, was allegedly driving his car along the bridge when he allegedly hit a woman, who was walking home from the supermarket, according the report.

The woman was knocked to the ground and dragged out of her vehicle by a man in the car, who then threw her onto the ground, the report said.

She was then allegedly hit by another man in her vehicle and kicked, beaten, and thrown out of the car.

The suspect, who has not been identified, was arrested by the police.

He faces charges of assault and DUI.

Police also reportedly found a glass bottle in the suspect’s car that was allegedly used as a weapon.

The Israeli newspaper reported that the woman was taken to the police station for questioning.