The best beer in the UK

The best beers in the world are a rare sight these days, but when you’re drinking them, you’re doing them well. 

You’re probably drinking the stuff you drink, not the stuff it was made for.

And with that in mind, we’ve chosen the UK’s best beers.

If you’ve never heard of the best beer, don’t worry, there’s no reason you can’t make your own. 

Here are our top picks for the best beers around the world.1. 

Bolton Beer, UK: Bolan Beer, 1,700ml source Business Images/Alamy/Corbis2. 

Kelsey, UK, 2,200ml source Alamy/Barcroft Media/Corrie Smith3. 

Meads Bars, UK 4. 

Gin & Spirits, UK 5. 

Langtang, Sweden, 3,500ml source Getty Images 6. 

Winemaker’s Whisky, UK; 1st and 2nd, 1,000ml source Alamy7. 

Whisky Barrel, UK (with Lavender-Flavored Liqueur)8. 

The Bitter End, Lancashire, UK – 1oz/50ml source  Allegra/Allegro 9. 

Pale Lager, UK(with Vanilla-Lime Liqueurs)10. 

Amber, UK (with a Cranberry-Lemon Liqueurtion) (Source: (Photo credit: Wikipedia) Aged: 17-22 years, Gold/Silver/Platinum, Bordeaux-style (24-48%ABV)Alcohol by Volume: 40-60%ABVs, Medium (60-70%ABVA)Style: British Brewery: Granada Brewers, Northampton, UKCountry: United KingdomYear produced: 2008Source: