Red Stripe Beer League – Red Strips

The Red Strippers are a league of professional beer brewers based in Dallas, Texas.

The league is an organization that focuses on producing, distributing and selling premium red-striped beers to the Dallas-Fort Worth area.

In 2017, the league had more than 1,000 members. 

According to the Red Strippings website, their mission is to bring quality, consistent beer to a community that is often overlooked by the rest of the world. 

As part of the Red-Stripes, the RedStrippers host competitions to raise awareness of the sport, to build relationships with the community, and to promote the league. 

The RedStripers are located at 7300 N. Fairbanks Road in Dallas. 

“Our goal is to be the biggest beer league in the country,” Red Stripper CEO, Mike Johnson said in a statement.

“The Red Stripers aim to grow the game of craft beer and we are committed to doing that through events and competitions.” 

The Dallas Stars were a member of the Dallas Red Stripped Beer League, as was the Philadelphia Flyers.