Why are you still eating Japanese food?

Lager Beer Naked, an award-winning restaurant in central Stockholm, has received its first international award for its Japanese-inspired dishes.

The restaurant, located on a pedestrian street, is known for its fresh-pressed juice and a wide range of Japanese dishes.

The restaurant is a favourite of Japanese food lovers, with guests enjoying their food with an ambience that is distinctly Japanese.

Lager Beer, the name of the drink, was first introduced in Germany in 1912, when German immigrants moved to the city of Kassel.

Lager was introduced to Japan in Japan in 1949, and is the mainstay of the Japanese-style diet.

The new award, which was presented by the Swedish Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism, comes in the wake of a petition that has gathered more than 12,000 signatures calling for a ban on Lager in Sweden.

“Our restaurant has always been a destination for our guests, and we’ve always felt that Lager beer was a cultural and spiritual connection to the land and to our people,” Lager’s founder and chief chef Peter Schöldinger told The Local.

The LagerBeer Naked is a menu with many Japanese dishes, including a special version of a famous hot spring cake, a popular dessert in Japan, and a variety of Japanese snacks.

“We started out with the intention to bring a different perspective to our Japanese dishes and to create a Japanese-themed restaurant in a place that people can actually feel part of,” he said.

The chef hopes to open the restaurant in 2020.