Wisconsin craft beer fans who like beer but not craft beer

By Chris McNeill and Laura M. O’ConnorPublished April 15, 2017 11:05:06Wisconsin’s craft beer scene is still in its infancy, but many of the people who grew up in the past decade and a half are now part of it.

The first craft beer bars opened in Wisconsin in the late 2000s, and they’re still a very small slice of what’s available in Wisconsin.

But there’s been an uptick in interest in craft beer and craft beer culture among Wisconsinans.

In Wisconsin, there are at least a dozen craft beer shops, bars and restaurants, ranging from restaurants like BrewDog to breweries like Wicked Weed to bars like The Brewhouse.

It’s an eclectic landscape that is now expanding to include breweries like Founders, Sierra Nevada and Goose Island.

BrewDog, the craft beer company founded in 2012 by Peter Stokkebye and Adam Weisbart, opened its first Wisconsin location in Madison in late 2017.

Founders opened its second location in Wisconsin last summer.

It has an entire menu of craft beer on tap, with some craft beer options available on draft or at tap.

Sierra Nevada opened its third Wisconsin location this past summer.

They also have a whole menu of brews, including their flagship, Founders Black IPA.

Gueuze Brewing Company, a small Wisconsin brewery, opened a new location in downtown Milwaukee in 2017.

In August, Goose Island Brewery opened a second location on the same street in Madison.

In the past year, the Madison Brewers Guild and the Brewers Association of Wisconsin, along with other craft beer associations and organizations, have worked to create new guidelines for breweries in the state.

For example, craft breweries must have a brewing license or have a brewery manager to sell beer.

In addition, breweries must sell beer in cans only.

Brewdog and Sierra Nevada are in the process of moving to a new facility that will allow them to sell more of their beer in the taproom.

The Wisconsin Brewers Guild is also working on a new guidelines and is working with the state and the Wisconsin Brewers Association on an expansion plan.

The Madison Brewers Association says there are already some craft breweries in Wisconsin, including Goose Island, Dogfish Head and Blue Point Brewing Co.

There are also a handful of breweries that are open in the Milwaukee area.

Blue Point and Goose have been expanding their tasting rooms and tasting rooms in Madison, and Dogfish has a tasting room in the same shopping center as their brewery.

Blue Point and the Milwaukee Brewers Guild are working on new guidelines.

BluePoint and Goose also are working to open more tasting rooms, said Adam H. Houshmandzadeh, the brewery’s executive director.

Dogfish Head also has been working on their own tasting room.

In 2017, they added a new tasting room to the North Loop shopping center.

They have a tasting area, beer taps and live music on site.

Bluepoint also has a small brewery in Milwaukee, which is on its way to opening a tasting space and tasting room that will be ready to open by July.