Which beer is the best for your butt?

An Australian brewer has said its beer butt chicken is the winner, beating out its local competitor to win the top spot on the Australian Beer and Wine Council’s list of the best beers for your bum.

A new beer called Brew Bitch Chicken Brewbitch Chicken, is available on supermarket shelves and is brewed with chicken and carrots and contains a blend of black and white hops and malted barley.

Butt Chicken Brew Bitty Chicken was made with chicken, carrots, hops and malt from Australia and New Zealand, the company said.

It uses malted and white barley malt, which is not the same malt used in some beer brands, according to Brew Bitties website.

Its the first beer to be certified by the A-WEC, a body which certifies the beers used by breweries in the United States, United Kingdom and Australia.

The A-WC says it is an important indicator of quality in Australia.

Brew Bitch says its beer is made using the same recipe, recipe and ingredients as other brands.

Brew Bittie Chicken has not yet been officially launched.

Australian brewer Brew Bitter Chicken makes a new beer for the market which has not been officially approved by the Australian A-WBEC.

It’s brewed with black and blue hops, and malts from New Zealand and Australia, the ABA website said.

This year’s A-WABC competition included a winner and a runner-up.