We got the first taste of gluten free craft beer with the World’s Largest Craft Beer Festival

Posted October 05, 2018 11:03:54For most Americans, the first thing that comes to mind when they think of gluten-free beer is the term “sour beer” and the label that describes it. 

And while craft brewers like Lagunitas and Sierra Nevada are the ones that are taking it to the next level, a new wave of craft beer is emerging that is really tapping into what it means to be a craft beer fan. 

The new wave is coming from the brewers themselves. 

Some of the most popular craft beers that have taken the craft beer world by storm are from breweries that have gone gluten- free. 

Here are ten of them.

A lot of the new craft beer that has taken off is brewed from small, local breweries, but some of these smaller breweries are making some of the best gluten free beers out there.

Here are 10 of the beers that are making the most of the gluten free trend. 

We have a lot of great craft beers out in the world right now.

So we wanted to give you a chance to check them out and see if you agree with what we are saying here. 

(All images used under Fair Use)A. 

Lagunitas’ Lilac Lunar B. Sierra Nevada’s Mango Pale Ale C. Cascade Tamarack Bourbon Cult IPA D. New Belgium’s Oskar Blues Bock Lager E. Flanders Biere de Garde Belgian-Style Ale F. Nashville’s Flambeau Belgique Strong Ale G. Pilsner Urquell Belgy Belgian-Style Beer H. Spotted Cow American-Style IPA I. Alesmith American Wild Ale J. Imperial Red Ale L. Rogue Ales American Light Red Lemongrass Cranberry Bitter Lemon Lime Pumpkin Orange RedBlack Redwine Lapis Belmont American Amber Liquor Black Lamb Lupulin Black Sour Red  Bass Blonde Biscuit Black  Porter Boulevard Brouwerij Lambert Bruxelles Belle Brett Budweiser Brasserie Lacoste Bread Buckwheat Pistachio Camelback Chocolate Churro Creme Brulee Fruit Granola Honeydew Gourmand Hemp Lavender Lava Lobster Lovibond Malt Mouth Mulberry Mocha Mocha Orange  Purple RedRum Strawberry Stout Sweet Sour Sweet Chocolate Sugar White Whip White Chocolate  The following beers are currently in limited release. 

Bartlett’s Black and Tan Bars Blue Moon Blue Star Blackbeard Blue Oyster Blackheart Brie Bryanna Cedar Cherry Climbing Cobblestone Corn Cornholer Crown Dixie Disco Drifter Eagle Elmer Fiddler Fox Frank Franklin Garland Green Belly Greta Grey Goose Haggar Hank Harold Holly Huckleberry Huck Hop Hop-a-Cola Ice Indian Indian  Jazz Jug Juicy Lion Lonely Lonesome Little Beaver Little Joe Magnolia Molly Mountain Mustard Mustang Naked Prairie Pru’n Quad Red Belly  Red River Redlock Red Seal Rogue Scotch Scotty Snake Spruce Stub Sun Swiss Trouble Tupelo Triple Rock Truffle Triumph Vega Viking Verdugo Vegas Whiskey White WhiskeyWhite Whiskelly