A corona brewery in Kerala that’s serving up the world’s best beer

A coronal brewery in the Kerala state of Kerala is celebrating its 30th anniversary.

Coronal beers are a unique type of beer produced in a coronal formation, meaning they have an elevated pressure of the atmosphere, creating an ideal environment for fermentation.

The coronal beers have become the most sought after beers in Kerala and are being sold across the country.

Corona beer has been available in the state since 2013, and the state government has made coronal breweries a part of its economic development plan, as part of the state’s efforts to attract foreign investment.

Coronas are an important source of income for Kerala’s economy, but Kerala is not alone in having coronal brewers.

In South Africa, coronal brewing is the country’s second largest industry, accounting for a third of the countrys total beer exports.

Corons are also being produced at the Coronaviral brewery in Madras.