What you need to know about beer deer and beer deer horns

When it comes to the beer deer horn, there’s not much more you need.

Maddison Beer, for example, does not sell any deer horns, although they can be purchased from a distributor in the United States, but in Australia, the horn is legally available.

But what is it?

The beer deer are a subspecies of the white-tailed deer, which are native to Australia.

They are a rare species that live on the southern coast of New South Wales, about halfway between Sydney and Melbourne.

Their diet is primarily fish, but occasionally, they can also eat birds and small mammals.

The Australian Parks and Wildlife Service has classified the beer Deer horn as “in need of monitoring”.

Its appearance can vary between white and black with dark spots around the base.

In its native range, it has long been used in the traditional Aboriginal medicines, and was even the subject of a book and film in the 1970s and 1980s.

Despite the presence of the horns, the Australian Parks & Wildlife Service does not recommend anyone get their hands on them.

“The deer is still considered to be critically endangered, so it’s important that people do not harm the deer,” the agency’s spokeswoman said.

What is it good for?

Birds are attracted to the sound of the deer’s distinctive horn.

For this reason, some people consider the horns to be good for the bird.

While the sound is generally heard in the vicinity of deer, it is also heard in remote areas where the deer are not known to be present.

If you hear the sound, it means that you need not be concerned about the deer.

It’s not recommended for children to be near the horn.