When is a beer made by a dad not a root beer?

When is your dad not making root beer at home?

If you don’t know, he’s not making it in the kitchen or on the barbecue.

We’re talking about dad-made root beer.

“The term root beer is used to refer to the brews made by dads who are working at home, which includes beer made from malt and hops, and also beer made in the home by dads,” Dr Peter Wilson, a spokesperson for the Beer Council of Australia, told news.com,au.

“It’s a product that dads love and use.”

Dads root beers are usually made in a home brewery, with ingredients sourced from the beer industry and a touch of humour thrown in.

A beer made on a dad’s home brewery is labelled as “Dad-made” in the Product Information Label on the beer.

Dr Wilson said the Beer Labels and Consumer Protection Act 1991 (BLCPA) requires beer to be labelled “Made in the Dad’s Home”.

“Dads beers must be labelled ‘Made in Dad’s’ and ‘Dad’s Beer’ so they are easy to recognise and the consumer can easily tell that this beer was made by dad,” he said.

In Australia, a beer label is only required to say that a beer was aged in the beer brewery and the brewery must label the beer as such.

Dates are also required to show when the beer was brewed, but this is usually not stated in the product information label.

Dr Wilson advised dads to check the label of their beer to make sure it is labelled in a consistent way.

However, Dr Wilson said some of the labels may not be labelled in the same way.

“If you buy a bottle of beer from a supermarket and then you go into the fridge and it has a label that says ‘Made by Dad’, then that bottle may not have been made by father,” he explained.

“That’s something that we need to be aware of.”