Why we’re not drinking beer at sushi restaurants

It’s been a while since we’ve had sushi and we still have no idea what the hell we’re eating.

The only way we can figure it out is with some sushi, which means we can’t just ask the chefs how to make it.

We also have to wait at least a couple of hours in order to eat the delicious sushi we’ve been craving. 

So, what do we do?

This post has everything you need to know about what you should and shouldn’t be doing at your next sushi dinner party.

This week we’re talking about what to do and what not to do when your sushi party guests are getting hungry.


Make a list of your party guests.

This is important, because it’s going to be your job to make sure they’re getting what they want, not your party guest.

So, when you’re eating sushi, make sure you make a list.


Ask your guests to share the sushi.

Sushi should be enjoyed by everyone, and when guests don’t want to share their food, don’t worry about it.

Ask them to share with you.


Ask the server for some help.

It’s very important that your server is always there to help you.

If your server doesn’t have a specific role, ask for one.


Use the sushi as a guide.

Saiyans use the sushi for the best part of two hours to prepare their meal, but that’s all it takes.

They don’t really enjoy the experience so they take a short break to savor their food.


Make sure the sushi is ready when you order.

You should take a small portion of the sushi into the kitchen so that you have an idea of how to eat your meal.

You can also take a portion and put it in a freezer bag and keep it in your fridge to make your sushi extra special.


Eat your sushi right away.

The wait for sushi can be a real pain.

You should wait for your sushi to cook.

But, if you have a little bit of time, eat it right away instead of waiting for it to cool down.


Don’t ask for more than the recommended amount.

If you order a meal for a group of five people, you’ll probably get the most out of your sushi.

If you have one person ordering, you can order more if you want.


Have a different table if you’re having a party of more than five people.

It will make your food taste better and make you feel more appreciated.

If your sushi is not enough, ask your friends for suggestions.

It can be fun to talk to a few of your friends before you go to eat sushi.