How to get the most out of your beer in 2018

The Brewers Association released a beer rating system for the 2018 beer season on Thursday.

Here are some key points:The ratings for 2018 beer are based on three key ingredients: the beer, the beer ingredients and the beer brewing kit.

Here’s what each means.

The Brewers Association says the 2018 ratings are based off of the following ingredients:The rating system uses three different ingredients: ingredients used, beer ingredients, and beer brewing kits.

The key to finding the perfect beer for your needs is to ask the right questions about the ingredients.

The beer rating systems focus on the following key ingredients to help you find the perfect drink:

Which beer is worth drinking this week?

Beer is a very popular alcoholic beverage, with sales of the beverage on par with Coke and Pepsi, according to research firm Beer Marketer’s Insights.

Beer sales of over 2 million metric tons were recorded in 2014, and as of today, the industry is worth over $30 billion, according the Brewers Association.

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