How to make a beer bottle for your home brewery

How to brew a beer beer bottle that’s more than a beer.

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Remove the bottom capThe cap is the part that protects the beer from air that could escape.

You can remove it by using a pair of pliers or a screwdriver, or you can take a screw cap off a plastic beer bottle and replace it with one of our free DIY kits.


Install a lidThe lid can be used for storing beer, or it can be placed in a beer cooler.

You’ll want to replace the lid, but you can also remove the lid with a pair or a small flathead screwdriver.


Install an air pumpThis is the metal part that connects the air to the beer.

To install an air pipe, remove the air pump.

You will also need to drill holes into the base of the air pipe.


Install the tubingHere are some of the different sizes of tubing you’ll need to install to create your beer bottle.

The size and shape of the tubing will determine how big the beer bottle is, and whether it’ll fit in your beer cooler or not.


Fill the bottleWith the tubing in place, the next step is filling the beer container with your beer.

The instructions for filling your beer are provided with every bottle, but some brewers will just tell you to fill the bottle completely.


Pour the beerFill the beer into the beer cup with a spoon or spatula, and allow the beer to sit for at least 15 minutes before pouring.

You should get about 10 gallons of beer, and it’ll take about a half hour to finish.



Beer beer is brewed in your home.

Make sure you keep your beer bottles clean and neat, and you’ll enjoy your beer as much as you would from drinking in a brewery.