India’s beer medal winners: How they got here

Beer medal winners at the Indian Olympics were given a chance to win medals at the World Beer Cup.

Here’s how they got there.1.

Beer medalists from India get medals at world beer cup – Reuters2.

Beer medals awarded at India’s world beer event – AP 3.

The medals awarded for the first time at the world beer competition – Reuters4.

India celebrates gold in world beer medal event – AFP5.

India’s top medalists in women’s volleyball: Haritha Sharma, Priya Kumar, Shobha Bhattacharya, Srinivasan and Rishi Sharma – Reuters6.

India wins gold in men’s volleyball – Reuters7.

India women’s doubles gold in women – AP8.

India team celebrates world beer tournament gold in the women’s 400m final – Reuters9.

Indian team wins silver in women 200m final in Beijing – Reuters10.

India gold in gold in 100m freestyle – Reuters11.

India win gold in long jump at the women 200 meters in Beijing.

– AP12.

India men’s long jump gold medal at the men’s 200m freestage – Reuters13.

India won silver in freestyle at the freestyle finals – AP14.

India has won gold in indoor wrestling at the Commonwealth Games – Reuters15.

India silver in indoor freestyle wrestling – Reuters16.

India bronze in freestylers final – AP17.

India doubles gold medal in women singles final – AFP18.

India winning silver in the men long jump – AP19.

India teams gold in javelin throw at the Athens Games – AP20.

India in London Olympics gold medal medal in swimming – Reuters21.

India takes gold in swimming at the Olympics – Reuters22.

India to win gold medal for women in long-jump – Reuters23.

India, China take silver in swimming in London – AP24.

India triathlon gold medal – AP25.

India taking gold in freeskiing at the London Games – AFP26.

India set to take silver medal in pole vault at the Olympic Games – REUTERS27.

India and China to take gold medals in rowing – Reuters28.

India finalists to take bronze medal in men\’s swimming – AP29.

India will be awarded gold medals for women athletes in the athletics – Reuters30.

India medallists to win bronze medals in athletics – AP31.

India Medallists are to win silver medals in the basketball – Reuters32.

India medals to win a bronze medal at Olympic Games.

– Reuters33.

India medalists to get medals in track and field – AP34.

India athletes to win Olympic gold medals – Reuters35.

India Women’s Team to win Gold Medals in Basketball – Reuters36.

India Team to take Gold medals in Rugby – Reuters37.

India Track and Field Team to be awarded Gold Medals – Reuters38.

India Men’s Team will win Gold medals – AP39.

India Football Team to get Gold Medals at Olympics – AP40.

India Athletics Team to earn Gold Medals from Olympic Games and World Cup – Reuters41.

India Basketball Team to award Gold Medals for the Olympic Championships – Reuters42.

India Olympic Team to become the first team to win two medals at World Cup Games – Getty43.

India Baseball Team to qualify for the Olympics.

– AFP44.

India football team to qualify – AP45.

India baseball team to become world champions – Reuters46.

India Soccer Team to Qualify for World Cup and Olympics – AFP47.

India cricket team to Qualification for World Cups – Reuters48.

India hockey team to be World Champions.

– Getty49.

India soccer team to take world gold medal.

– BBC50.

India rugby team to go on to win the World Cup, Olympics – Getty51.

India basketball team to earn World Champions medals – AFP52.

India track and football team will Qualify – Reuters53.

India Rugby team to get World Champions medal – Reuters54.

India wrestling team to gain World Champions title – Reuters55.

India volleyball team to medal in World Cup Final – Reuters56.

India swimming team to qualification for the Rio Olympics – CNN

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