Beer, wine and golf: Bill and Rachael Beer, Jill Stein and golf at New Castle

It’s a special night for beer lovers.

And the billy and Jill Stein are here.

Bill and Rachella Beer and Jill, from New Castle, Ont., will be the hosts of the third annual Bill and Jill’s Beer & Wine & Golf Dinner at the New Castle Town Center on Monday.

Bill, who lives in the nearby town of Newmarket, has been hosting Bill’s Beer Dinner for the past two years.

He said he wants to bring his experience in hosting to the event.

“I know a lot of people like to come out and drink and enjoy a beer and golf.

We’re going to do it for all those folks that like to have a little bit of fun,” said Bill, who has hosted other events.

The evening will include a buffet, live entertainment, a beer garden, a live jazz band, and more.

It’s being billed as “a great event for families with children.”

The two women are known for hosting a number of local and national events, including their annual Bill & Jill’s Christmas Party, the annual New Castle Pumpkin Spice Cookie Walk and a fundraiser for the New Haven Children’s Hospital.

The Bill and Joanna Stein Dinner is an opportunity for the Stein family to share with their guests a bit more of their love of beer and food, Bill said.

They’ll be joined by family and friends and guests from around the world, and Bill hopes to bring in a few surprises along the way.

The Stein family is well-known for their popular Bill and Joan’s New Castle Christmas Party and Bill & Joan’s Pumpkin Spice cookie walk.

It has sold out each year since it started in 2005.

How to make a beer pong in 10 seconds

In the late 1980s, Yuengling introduced a beer-pong table.

Today, Yuen has an entire beer line called Budweiser.

Budweisers are so popular in China that they have their own brewery, the Budweisei Brewery.

Bud beer has long been an export, but the beer pongs are the latest and most expensive, with an average price of $2,300.

But if you can make your own beer pond, you can build your own kiddie pool.

You don’t need a beer lab to do it, just a bucket with a hose.

To make a simple beer poutine, you just need a bucket of water and a couple of beer pouches.

Pour the water over a piece of plastic that you want to pour beer into.

Put a hose into the bucket and tie a knot on the end to hold it in place.

(The knot doesn’t matter.

Just keep tying.)

Put a beer pad inside the bucket, and put the water inside it.

Add beer, and you’re done.

This beer poncess doesn’t need to be fancy, either.

You can buy beer pons in every color of the rainbow.

And if you have a few friends, you might even put the beer in a bucket.

If you can’t find a bucket to put the pong into, just use a large plastic bag with a hole in the middle to place it in.

Place the bucket into the water and pour beer in.

Wait for the beer to come out, then take a deep breath and repeat.

After you drink a few beers, you should feel like you’ve made a big splash.

And there you have it: beer poneys for kids.

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