How to buy beer’s new law equation

The beer industry is gearing up for its latest challenge to a law that will change how Canadians can buy beer.

The federal government is moving to change the law, which it hopes will reduce the number of outlets selling beer in grocery stores and pubs.

In a statement released Thursday, the Beer and Wine Council of Canada said it expects the new law to “result in significant growth in the domestic market” as the industry “attempts to make a better living.”

The legislation would make it easier for retailers to sell beer, but would also help the industry get rid of the “high prices” charged for imported beer.

The bill also allows consumers to use coupons or other methods of payment to make purchases.

It’s the second time the federal government has proposed changing the law.

“This bill will change the way Canadians buy beer and we are looking forward to working with our federal partners to ensure that Canadians have access to high quality, affordable beer at affordable prices,” the statement said.

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