How to make low carb beer and cider at home

Low carb beer (or cider) is a favourite for anyone who likes to eat less and drinks less.

It is also an easy way to make yourself a healthier version of traditional high-calorie foods.

Here’s how to make your own at home.


Buy the right beer 1.1 What you need: You will need a bottle of red wine (or other high alcohol wine), two glasses of beer and a few spices (like garlic, turmeric, cinnamon and ginger).

The wine and beer can be purchased online or from craft beer bars and restaurants.


Fill the bottles with wine, and place them on top of a dish or pan.

Put a plate on top.

Pour the beer into the bottle and then fill with more wine.

Repeat the process for more wine and more beer.


Put the lid on the bottle, and leave it to ferment.

The beer will start to clear out and start to turn cloudy, which is good because the wine will make it easier to see how the beer is doing.


Pour your wine back into the bottles, and then place the lid back on. 5.

Leave the bottle on a warm, dark table, in the fridge for a few days, then allow to ferment on a cold shelf for a month or so. 6.

You will end up with a low carb version of the traditional high calorie food.



How to use up the beer When you buy beer, it usually contains lots of sugar.

To make your low carb drink, simply replace it with sugar-free beer.

You can buy beer at a wide variety of places.

There are supermarkets like Aldi, Publix and Lidl, and there are craft beer bar chains like Barrow’s or Barrow Street.

A good alternative is the Low Carb Beer Store, which sells a range of low carb products at prices that are affordable for anyone on low incomes.

This store sells about 500,000 cases of beer per year, so you can get a few litres at a time.

1 pint (1.2 litres) to 2 litre (2.3 litres) bottles of beer can cost from £1.90 to £2.10 depending on the brand and quality.

(You can buy it online or through a craft beer store.)


Put your wine on top, then pour it back into your bottle.

Pour enough wine into the glass to fill it to the top of the bottle.

Place the lid and top of your bottle back on and leave to ferment for at least a month.

3: Put your lid on and drink your low carbohydrate beer.

4: Remove the lid from the bottle with a fork and place it on a tray in the refrigerator.

5: Enjoy your low-carb beer!

The alcohol content in your beer is likely to make you feel sick.

If you have a mild illness, you can reduce the alcohol content of your drink by adding a little more sugar.

Try to keep your beer around 2% alcohol by volume.

When Beer Can’t Stop Us

Beer can’t stop us.

If we all drank a few glasses of beer every day for three weeks, we could solve almost every health problem we could imagine.

That was the idea behind the first beer advent calendar.

Now, you can celebrate the beer of all things with a limited edition calendar, including the most popular beers from around the world.