When it comes to sexy beer bikini, Alabama’s Madison Beer Co. has hit the nail on the head

With its blonde, red and green bikini and the blonde headpiece, Madison Beer is one of the most distinctive brands in Alabama.

The brand also happens to be the only brewery in the state to offer the beer bikini.

But it’s the red bikini that has drawn attention from Alabama’s beer industry.

The red bikini is worn by beer drinkers in order to promote the quality of the beer.

It’s not only seen as a fun way to celebrate the beer, it also helps attract attention to the beer industry in the south.

Beer drinkers have traditionally worn red bikini bottoms to show off their love of the brewery.

But Madison Beer co-founder and CEO Mike Houser says the red headpiece is no joke.

“I mean, I don’t know that a lot of people get it, but people wear red bikini because they’re trying to attract attention, and to get attention, it’s all about showing your support,” he said.

In the past, the bikini had been a symbol of the state’s beer culture, Housers said.

“But I think there’s a lot more attention being paid now than there was even a few years ago.”

In recent years, Madison has expanded its beer offerings, opening a tasting room and launching a beer store in the Birmingham-Tuscaloosa area.

“We’re kind of looking forward to that, because we know that we’re going to have a lot people coming to us and we want to make sure that they’re drinking a quality product,” Housier said.

While the beer bra is the brand’s most popular product, there are plenty of other products made for the bra, including the bikini-style headband.

The company’s CEO says the headband is a way for Madison Beer to “show support” for the state.

But he added that the company also wants to encourage its employees to wear the bra.

“You know, we’re very aware of our employees and we’re proud of our staff, and so I think that the support is a good thing for us to do,” Houler said.

It is not the first time Madison Beer has worn red headpieces.

“It was kind of a surprise when we saw the red bra, but it’s kind of not the last thing that we do,” he added.

Housner says the company’s beer is brewed in Alabama and it is a brand that he is proud of.

“Our customers love it, so we want them to be happy,” Huls said.

The beer bikini was also featured in a promotional video released by the Alabama Craft Brewers Guild (ACBG), which is the state affiliate of the International Association of Beer Wholesalers.

The video features Madison Beer in front of a backdrop of blue and red beer cans and a sign saying “We don’t discriminate”.

The video also features the tagline “It’s a beer.”

“We’ve made it so that you can wear it and you can celebrate it,” Hulers said of the red beer bikini and said it’s not about politics or religion.

“This is a fun, fun thing that you wear, and we don’t want it to be divisive,” he explained.

“People love the product.

We want to bring attention to it.”

The headband has sparked controversy from some Alabama beer consumers.

“They’re not going to wear it because they like the color, or they want the bra to be more attractive to the eye,” said one Madison Beer customer.

The ABCG also said that Madison Beer’s headband would be banned in Alabama if it were to become the state law.

“As a member of the AABG, we are strongly opposed to any restrictions that would prohibit or otherwise restrict the use of the headgear as it relates to the beverage industry,” said a statement from the group.

“Any such laws will be rejected by the ABAG and will remain a non-issue.”

A spokeswoman for Madison Baking Company in Mobile told Al Jazeera that the red cup is “part of the overall look and feel” of the company.

“The color is part of the general look and styling of our company,” said Jessica Kromhout.

But she said that the bikini is not a part of that overall look.

“All of our beers are made with the highest quality ingredients and ingredients are our most popular beer ingredients,” Kromhuout said.

She also said the company has received a number of negative comments from consumers on social media about the red drink.

“In our company, we don-t tolerate negativity, so if there are comments about the product, we apologize for the negativity,” she said.

However, a spokesperson for the Alabama Beer Whiskers Association told Aljazeera that they have not received any complaints about the bikini and that they do not condone any form of discrimination.

“To be honest, I haven’t had a chance to look at it yet,” Karmel