‘Beer belly’ to launch with $1 billion of financing, but more to come

Maine Beer Company is a $1.9 billion business, and they’re betting that the beer-belly branding, beer-pouring experience and brand will bring the company new revenue streams.

They announced today that the company will be partnering with the US government to develop a beer-making technology that can be applied to any beer, and will be available in stores this year. 

Maine Beer Company CEO Joe Hargrove told Business Insider that the technology is based on an algorithm that analyzes the amount of carbon dioxide in a beer, determining the level of carbon monoxide in the beer and the concentration of oxygen in it.

It’s not perfect.

The algorithm is still very much in the prototyping phase, and there’s a lot of room for improvement, he said.

“We think it will be useful in a number of industries, and we hope it will become available to a lot more customers.

We’re really excited about this opportunity.”

The company says they are also working on the ability to produce beers with flavors that go beyond beer.

The new technology is “truly innovative,” but Hargraves cautions that it’s not as advanced as brewing methods like a high-volume fermentation system. 

“There are things like barley malt that you can brew a beer with,” he said, “but we can’t do that with this beer.”

Hargroves said the technology will also be able to make beer for people who are blind or who have sensory issues.

“There’s an enormous opportunity for this to be used in blind-blinded people,” he told the Wall Street Journal.

“That would be really exciting.” 

Milder beer, milder beer.

That’s a big leap forward.

The idea is to make a beer that people can drink in moderation and still be happy about drinking. 

There are also a lot less problems associated with using beer as a food.

“We think beer will be more popular than ever before in the future,” Hargroth said.

“This is just the beginning.” 

If this company can do this, it’ll be great for the beer industry, Hargreson said.

If it can do it for a consumer, he hopes it can be a boon for brewers and drinkers everywhere.