Which beer is the best?

Wisconsin beer fans have been wondering for years which beer is their favorite.

Now, a new poll has revealed which of Wisconsin’s three brewpubs makes the best beer.

The question was asked via Twitter during a beer festival hosted by The Brewers Association, and the results were revealed.

“The Wisconsin Brewers are very proud to be part of this industry,” said Sam Cagle, co-owner of Milwaukee’s Blue Moon Brewing Company.

“Our beer is consistently top-rated and consistently on the top shelf.”

Wisconsin craft brewers have enjoyed a rapid rise in popularity in recent years.

In 2016, the state’s breweries made $1.2 billion in sales.

Blue Moon, the flagship brewpub in Milwaukee, has become a go-to destination for beer lovers who want to sample and drink a range of styles.

“We’ve been brewing beer for more than 40 years,” Cagle said.

“I’m not going to lie, when I look at the list of breweries in this state, I don’t think I would’ve come out of it if it weren’t for Blue Moon.”

The survey asked beer drinkers whether they thought the beers on the Blue Moon menu are “authentic” or “light.”

Fifty-nine percent said they thought they were authentic, while 24 percent said the same for the Blue Point offerings, while 7 percent said their selections were light.

Forty-one percent said neither was accurate, while 3 percent said light.

Beer lovers were also asked which of the Blue Moons beers are their favorites, with 35 percent picking the Blue Monkey and 15 percent choosing the Blue Fire.

Blue Monkey was voted the best in the survey by nearly 80 percent of the respondents.

Moosehead beer from Denmark is being sold in UK by German brewer, according to reports

Beer drinkers in the UK have been drinking the latest version of Moosehead beers in cans and bottles.

The brand, which was launched in Denmark in 2008, is selling at supermarkets in the capital city of Copenhagen, reports The Telegraph.

A spokesman for the brewer told the paper that the new versions of the beer have been introduced by two Danish brewers.

He said that while the cans were made in Germany, the brewery had decided to use cans from Denmark in order to maximise their shelf life.

A spokesperson for the Danish brewery told The Telegraph that the brand had been sold in Denmark by the two companies in recent weeks.

The spokesman said that both companies were happy with the product and were looking forward to using it in their own brews.

The brewer told The Guardian that Moosehead had a very high quality, but also high alcohol content.

He added that they had also been experimenting with different flavours, which were the same in all three versions.