A Neon Beer sign that has no glasses

A neon beer sign that sits atop a mountain of bottles, glassware, and bottles of beer has been spotted in Wisconsin.

In the photo, the sign features a neon light and an “A” in its center.

The sign is located at the corner of the highway between Interstate 94 and the Milwaukee-St. Joseph border, just north of I-94.

A local brewery is selling the sign for $125, and the Wisconsin Department of Transportation has been working with the brewery to find a way to keep the neon light on the sign.

The signs have a different look from a normal neon sign, with a red, white, and blue light on top of the glass, as well as a small neon sign above the glass.

The neon sign also has a red barcode.

It’s unclear if the neon sign will stay in place permanently or if it will be repainted.

The state has not yet posted a price tag for the sign, but we’ve reached out to the brewery for more information.